The Beginnings of the Miniature Iowa City Natural History Museum, Laboratory and Herbarium

We are making a miniature museum full of tiny sometimes hand-made specimens, a Herbarium, and a very small laboratory with itty bitty slides. Wildlife dioramas are still under construction, as is the suitcases which will hold it all…working with the wonderful Emily Buck, Angie Zirbes and Xin Xu.

“The nest is a bird’s very person; it is its form and its most immediate effort, I shall even say, its suffering. The result is only obtained by constantly repeated pressure of the breast. There is not one of these blades of grass that, in order to make it curve and hold the curve, has not been pressed on countless times by the bird’s breast, its heart, surely with difficulty in breathing, perhaps even, with palpitations…”

Jules Michelet

About D. L. Pughe

Freelance writer and artist.
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