I’ve just arrived back in the Bay Area and discovered the Shih Storm.  You all are probably aware of the start up guy Peter Shih who tweeted 10 pretty sexist and stupid things he hated about San Francisco that resulted in a complete cyber mob attack on him.

Wanted Posters of him were put up around the city and Cheap Air offered him a one-way ticket back to New York.  In the Twitterverse it lasted a while and spawned #petershihfacts which had some humorous response.

Funny or Die had the best riposte however, with their resident humorist Suzi Barrett doing her own ironic I Hate San Francisco riff:
The whole subject of cyber mobs, though, is interesting and can trend very negative too—
After Anita Sarkeesian announced an online series examining the representation of women in video games, she was subject to an online campaign of harassment, including denial of service attacks, attempts to hack into her email and Twitter accounts, and doctored photos of her released to the web.
I still think, noticing parallels in the hooded protagonists of The Birth of A Nation, that the abstraction of that universe and the couched anonymity of cyberspace brings out hateful bravado in idiots who would never be so brazen if they were without their hoods.

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