Following an Unnameable Image


A few years ago I came across this extraordinary drawing on the web, posted in an article of high theory and uncredited except with the title ‘Unnameable 2″.  I contacted the author of the article to find out about the artist, but never received an answer and now that site is gone from the web.

I decided to use Google Image Search to track down the origins of the drawing and was led to a Hindi article about Giordano Bruno which also used the image, but, even with the handy Google translator, offered no information about the image or artist.

The Image Search did turn up several ‘similar images’ which in small postage stamp size did have similarities.  Upon closer inspected, I was fascinated to find what Google considered similar and enjoy these images in their own right:


This is clay fragments of an aboriginal oven in Australia


This is an illustration by the fantasy artist Daren Bader


These are fish eggs on the cusp of hatching


This is a very interesting drawing of skeletons playing billiards by James Ensor


This is a photograph of patterns of water and mud from Japan


And patterns of brick by an architect/designer KlinkerioKlojimas


This is the famous Gale Crater on Mars where the NASA Mars Rover Curiosity landed in August 2012


and this is a selection of family photographs of the Nachtrieb Family


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